Healing Area

The Healing Area at Green Gathering 2011 will be run by the two Sues (Weaver and Dent), who many of you will know from Big Green Gathering Healing Areas.  We are in the early stages of dreaming the new Healing Area into being.  We are feeling excited about a new energy and hope to create a place of balance, peace, harmony and beauty.


We understand that there have already been lots of enquiries about working in the Healing Area and would like to thank you for your interest. We need to say that it is inevitable that many of you will be disappointed as we will be unable to accept applications from many people. The Healing Area will be quite small as it will be serving a gathering of 5000 people.


It may be, however, that what you have to offer is exactly what we need. So if you would like to work in the Healing Area, at this stage, please just send your name, email address and what you have to offer to healingapps@greengathering2011.com. We may send you an application form. But if we are unable to offer you a place this year, please buy a ticket, support the event and maybe it will grow for the future.



The Green Gathering 2011 will be a family, camping event, for approximately 5,000 people for a period of 4 days.

This year the event will be held at a traditional farming estate in West Berkshire, from July 28th to July 31st.

The Green Gathering 2011 will be part of a long tradition of Green Gathering events over the last 20 years, which have an established brand presence in the events calendar with a support base of participants and customers drawn largely from the environmental and emerging Transition communities