Green Access and Mobility Area (GAMA)

Welcome to the Green Gathering 2011

We welcome people of all ages who have physical difficulties and/or learning disabilities, or who may be vulnerable or have special needs.  The Green Access and Mobility Area (GAMA) area provides support and facilities for those that need a little extra, and helps the Green Gathering develop good access around the whole site.



The Green Gathering 2011 is being held on an existing country park site.  The ground is mainly grassy and flat with some gravel and tarmac pathways.  There should only be walkers and bicycles on the paths.  Vehicles will be separated from the main arenas once the Gathering starts.    There are some lovely old trees but most of the site is exposed to the sunshine – so apart from the venues and other enclosures, there is not much shade.  The Gathering will be made up of interjoining activity areas, such as crafts, stalls, performance and discussion venues, and the kids area.   There will be pathways and signposts between the areas.  Most of the activities and workshops on site will be free.  Some crafts people may charge for materials, such as clay, to make an item.   Food stalls will be available to buy ready meals and snacks.  Around the site will be a number of wide access toilets, usually beside the standard toilet blocks.




The GAMA area will have within it some wide access toilets, wheelchair charging facilities, a water supply, a marquee for information, shade and workshops, and room for camping for those with disabilities and their pas/carers, and their families.   Because of limited space we can have camping room for friends, but normally only up to one large tent.

  • The facilities in the GAMA area are open to everyone on site, so you are also welcome to camp in the other public camping areas, and just come in and use what facilities you need – such as for wheelchair charging or the toilets.
  • Near (within a short walk) of the GAMA area there will also be showers, standard toilets (so that the wide access ones don’t get used by those that don’t need them), and the main medical, first aid and welfare facilities for the Gathering.  Disposal of medical waste can be arranged, as can a fridge facility for medications.

Vehicles – Live in vehicles can be accommodated within the GAMA area, as long as we know the size of the vehicle beforehand.   Cars will be able to be brought into the area to unload camping equipment and then they can be taken to a car park nearby.  If you need your car with you, for the storage of medical equipment, please let us know beforehand.  On site vehicle permits can be given to allow for this.   Please note that quad bikes are not allowed on site.



When you arrive we will site you within the field in a place suitable for you and your family/friends.   We can help with unloading vehicles and setting up tents.  We can provide information to help you get around the Gathering  and programmes so you can know what you want to see and do.

  • We do not offer personal care.
  • Nor do we tolerate unsociable behaviour.

We may do some workshops to incorporate with the Gathering  – for example, we can do a costume making workshop to enable those camped with us to be in the procession, or we can invite a speaker in to give a talk on alternative energy, etc.  We may even be able to get a band or two in to provide some entertainment.   It is early days yet and I am sure that we will get offers of performers or workshop leaders who want to join us.

If you need any further help, advice, or if you are coming to the Green Gathering and would like to inform us of what your on-site needs and specifications are, please do contact us on email,    or phone   07867 850237.




The Green Gathering 2011 will be a family, camping event, for approximately 5,000 people for a period of 4 days.

This year the event will be held at a traditional farming estate in West Berkshire, from July 28th to July 31st.

The Green Gathering 2011 will be part of a long tradition of Green Gathering events over the last 20 years, which have an established brand presence in the events calendar with a support base of participants and customers drawn largely from the environmental and emerging Transition communities